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We welcome 160,000 Aerospace & Aviation professionals* to the site every month
(*169,646 unique users on average Jan-Mar 2013. SiteCatalyst analytics)

Our number 1 objective is finding the right candidates for your vacancies

71% of our users have a degree or professional qualification*
(user profile survey 2012)

Every month 70,000 active Aerospace & Aviation jobseekers receive our jobseeker e-newsletters
(Jobseeker e-newsletter database size as of 14/05/2013)

We generate over 40,000 applications per month for our advertisers! *
(Feb-Sep 2012)

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quote It's all about finding the right people from the right places, and although IATA has its own vacancy posting channels, we've found it necessary to increase the visibility of certain specialized job openings. Flightglobal represents a great channel to compliment our own efforts, and whether it has been job postings in hard copy or on the web, we have been able to better target the top talent in the market today. Flightglobal is a good and cost-efficient way to reach industry professionals and one we will continue to use in the future. quote
- Dala Egger, IATA
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