Reach or target candidates with our email products

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Reach or target candidates with our email products

If you’re looking to get the best candidates possible for your vacancy, then you need to be seen by high quality and relevant jobseekers. To help you get the response you need, you can feature on one of our fortnightly Jobseeker E-newsletters or send a dedicated email to a targeted selection of candidates through our Job Target Email service.


Reach: Jobseeker E-newsletters

You can reach dedicated aviation and aerospace professionals who are actively jobseeking, through our fortnightly jobseeker e-newsletters. You can either have a prime position as one of our Job of the Week or Focus On slots or get your brand seen and link through to all of your jobs on one of our Recruiting Now buttons.

Jobseeker e-newsletter
  1. Response: get up to 52 applications*

  2. Cost-effective: cost per application can be as little as £12

  3. Reach: be seen by up to 73,500** active candidates in one email
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*Average applications per slot 52.33. Source: Site Catalyst web analytics 1st Jan - 21 Mar 2013
**73,501 registered emails. Source: SetAnalyser database analysis 19/03/2013

Target: Job Target Email

If you’re looking for specific candidates, then you can send a solus email that is targeted to only those candidates that match the skills and experience you are looking for. Provide us with your search criteria and we can look for the specific candidates on our database and prepare a single dedicated email that promotes only your brand and vacancy.

Target Email
  1. Response: Generate up to 48 highly-relevant applications*.

  2. Target: Send to a select audience that match the profile of your perfect candidate

  3. Tailored: Delivered with a message focused entirely on applications solely for your vacancy
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*Average applications per target email 47.56. Source: Site Catalyst web analytics 1st Mar 2012 - 31st Mar 2013

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